Partnership Meeting in Osijek

The 4th Partnership Meeting of App4Inno was held in Osijek on 8th May, 2014. The partners met in BIOS Business Incubator where the host, Centre for Entrepreneurship is operating.

The international meeting started by the welcoming words of Mr. Marko Knezovic, project manager of CPO and Mr.Alessandro Censori, director of of Veneto Agricoltura, the Lead Partner. Mr. Censori summarized the project progress as well.

Afterwards with the moderation of Silvia Bergoglio representative of CONSVIPO – Consortium for Development of Polesine the partners discussed the issues related to the final steps of the pilot activities and gave up-to-date information on each pilot action. Some of those have already become completed, some are still under process. You can find more information about the pilots here.

The the transnational study and visits and preparation of in-field local seminars are going to take place in May and June. Relating practical information were clarified and dates fixed. In the transnational study visits the winners and collegues of a partner go and see the completed pilot actions of another partner. It can be combined with the in-field local seminars that is when local SMEs visit the sites of the winners and see their best practice. Both occasions are good opportunities for finding new business partners and learn from each others activities.

The partnership started to work on the evaluation methodology of the work done (e.g. sending questionnaires to the winners of the competition of ideas about the project, the platform and the work done in the frame of App4Inno). The results of it were presented by the Leader of the work Drama Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The first draft of the mainstreaming action plan with particular focus on the outputs and results of the partners and the organisation of targeted meetings with policy makers was presented by Ms. Todorka Dimitrova director of Varna Economic Development Agency.

The partners also discussed their communication activities that takes place on the project website, the Facebook and Twitter page.

The services of the Platform run by METID were also discussed with a particular focus on how it could be further developed and used for supporting the competitiveness of the agricultural SMEs.

Finally, the partners considered the possibilities of future cooperations in other Programmes where the results of App4Inno could be further developed.

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